Video Contest

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It's a chance for Fleets chapters to shine and show what great actors they are (or at least that they are big hams!). Get out those video cameras and start filming. We’ll be showing the videos at Opening Ceremonies and throughout the weekend and be giving Best Picture and Best Actor awards.

Here are the rules:

*Total video entries must be no longer than 15 minutes (Three videos of 5 minutes each, or one video of 10 minutes, and one of 5 minutes, etc., so long as the total is 15 minutes or less).
*Each video must feature at least one member of your crew.
*Limit of three entries per chapter, although additional videos are welcome that can be shown throughout the weekend that will not be judged. Each video should be numbered 1, 2, or 3 in the order you wish them to be entered, #1 being your best work, #2 being second, etc. -in case we have more entries than we have time to show.
*Videos should be family-friendly and contain no profanity.
*Videos should be recorded to CD or DVD in a format preferably playable by Windows Media Player or other such common application.
*Videos must be submitted by July 15, of 2016, via USPS to:

Warren Price
315 Highway 220
Cedar Grove, TN. 38321

The participants of IC2016 will be judging the videos via a ballot during IC weekend. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.